Erika Myer

My name is Erika Myer and I am a professional photographer specializing in Real Estate, Event and Travel photography.


The medium of Photography has been a passion of mine from a very early age, and this evolved from a love for painting & sculpture in my high-school years. Travel has also been a big part of my life and I have visited many countries and experienced many diverse and fascinating cultures over the years. As a citizen of Hungary I immigrated to Australia in 1990


Since that time, extensive experience as a professional within the Real Estate industry has provided me with many opportunities and a wealth of experience in working with people of diverse backgrounds. This has also enabled me to learn a great deal about the demands of a photographer, working within the Real Estate field.


Studying Photo imaging at CATC in Brisbane has enabled me to build upon my skills and confidence in order to embark on a career in Professional Photography. I have also spent much time developing my craft by watching and interacting with other photographers working within the field of Events photography, in addition to Real-Estate & Architecture.


Travel, Family and photography remain the most important aspects of my life. And I bring passion and commitment to all my photographic commissions, embracing all opportunities to communicate my ideas through the powerful and dynamic medium of photography.